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Solidarity and mutual aid - this is an old and young topic, which has been explained in detail by famous scholars in history. Many heroes have forged this spirit with blood and life. In the five thousand years of Chinese civilization, unity and mutual assistance have always been the essence of our national spirit.


Now, in the campus, the word "unity" is on our lips every day, just because our teachers often teach us to unite and help each other. Who is really doing this? In life, people are fighting for their own interests, even hurting their friends and relatives indirectly because of their own selfish interests. Who ever thought of unity?


In the "Eight Honors and Eight Disgraces", it has been mentioned that we should be proud of unity and mutual assistance, and be ashamed of harming others and benefiting ourselves. This sentence has taught me deeply what is profit, what is despicable, what is pride and what is shame. We, the Chinese nation, have always adhered to the principle of unity and mutual assistance, because we have been deeply educated by our past history. In the semi feudal and semi colonial old China, due to the corruption of the Qing Dynasty, there were years of civil war. Because of the disunity between the Chinese people, the imperialist powers dare to bully and constantly provoke each other. They not only plundered a large number of treasures from China, but also abused the Chinese people"s personality and trampled on their national pride and self-confidence. When you recall this history, you can"t help but remember the sign "no Chinese or dogs" at the gate of a park in Shanghai concession.


For the Chinese people, this is a history of humiliation and a history worthy of reflection by every Chinese people. The verification of history tells us that if we don"t unite, we will be beaten, if we don"t unite, we will be bullied. Only if we let all Chinese people strengthen their unity and get along with each other in a friendly way, can we resist the storms and revive the Chinese nation.


Once upon a time, there was a story that said: Once upon a time, there was a man who was taken to visit heaven and hell, so that after comparison, he could choose his own destination wisely. He went to hell first and surprised him at the first sight, because everyone was sitting at a table full of delicacies. However, when he looked at the people carefully, he found no smiling face. Everyone was listless, sad, and skinny. Then, he found that each man had a fork tied to his left arm and a knife tied to his right arm. Both the knife and fork had four foot long handles, which made them unable to eat. So even if every delicious food was in their hands, they still couldn"t eat it, and they were starving all the time.


Then he went to heaven again. The scene is exactly the same - the same delicacies, knives and forks and those four foot long handles. However, the residents of heaven are singing and laughing. Why is the situation the same and the result so different? Why are people in hell starving and grieving, and everyone in heaven eats well and is happy? He was puzzled. At last, he saw the answer: everyone in hell tried to feed himself, but his heart was spare and his hands were too long. And everyone in heaven feeds and is fed by the people on the opposite side. Because they help each other, they help themselves.


This story also tells me that when others need help, you are willing to extend your hands, and then they will give corresponding rewards. This is true in study, in work, and in life. Is this kind of unity bad? If, like the people in hell, no one is willing to help others, and no one is willing to unite and help each other, what will be gained? Let"s know each other heart to heart, unite and help each other, especially don"t let the eyes that can hold a mountain be blocked by a small sand, then success will always be with each of us.


Now, I believe that everyone should understand the importance of unity, and I have a deep understanding. I clearly understand that "unity" is not just to let me know its meaning. It needs my own experience and everyone"s contribution. Let"s unite and help each other, the sky will be bluer in the future.

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